Emergency Dentist In Flushing, NY

Need emergency dental care?¬† We have dental offices in Queens, close by to where you live in Flushing. Call us when you’re in pain and need help right away.

Many dentists don’t see new patients when they have an emergency if it occurs after hours or on the weekend, but we aim to help people who have a dental emergency when other dentist might not be available because we see this as a way to provide a much needed service in the Flushing area.

After Hours Dentist in Flushing, Queens, NY

We know that a dental abscess or a broken tooth can be painful and we know that you may be embarrassed by damaged teeth, dentures or a damaged crown and this is why we want to help you. We know you want your emergency taken care of quickly and we can help you in the event of a dental emergency. If you experience a dental emergency and you’re in Flushing, then make sure you call as right away.

Types of Dental Emergencies Treated…

We have a lot of experience and can handle many types of dental emergencies. This includes repairing broken teeth, managing pain and tooth extractions. Other emergencies and conditions include treated gum infection (abscess), root canals, repairing damaged bridge work, denture repairs and much more. If you have any kind of dental emergency, then give us a call.

Costs Associated With Getting Treatment For a Dental Emergency

The amount you’ll pay to correct your dental emergency depends on what treatment you will receive, but there is no way to know unless you are examined by a professional. After you have been examined, the dentist will have a better idea of what treatment you need and what that treatment will cost. Providing an estimate of the cost of treating a dental emergency prior to an examination is not something a dentist will be able to give.

Insurance Coverage for Treating a Dental Emergency

Sometimes your treatment will be covered by insurance. This really depends on the insurance company and the kind of coverage you have. However, if you’re not covered, then you can use cash or credit.

Also, when you contact the dentist, you will want to have some information available. This information includes the type of emergency you are dealing with and when did this emergency occur. You’ll also want to tell us whether or not you’re experiencing any swelling or bleeding.

Other information you’ll want to provide includes whether or not the emergency involves wisdom teeth or molars, and if you are missing any teeth. Also, tell us if you have some sort of dental appliances such as dentures and implants and if they are missing or broken. Make sure to let us know how bad the pain is and if you are pregnant and if you are taking any kind of medications.

Not only are our dentists highly skilled with decades of dental experience, but we pride ourselves on providing friendly and caring dental care to our patients. He are available for around the clock dental care in Flushing, Queens, NY. The next time you are dealing with a dental emergency in Queens, call us as soon as possible instead of putting it off. We will take care of your problem, relieve your pain, and get you smiling again.