Emergency Dental Care Near Forest Hills, Queens, New York

Are you suffering from a severe toothache, a broken tooth, or an abscess with swollen, bleeding gums? If so then you need to see an emergency dentist near you in Forest Hills, fast.

When it comes to general and emergency dental care we pride ourselves on offering services when they need it – you can even contact us at night or on the weekend.

A lot of established dentists don’t take new patients that have emergencies… but we do. We consider emergency dental care to be an opportunity to provide people with a critically needed service in the borough of Queens, including Forest Hills.

After Hours Dental Care Near Forest Hills

We know that a toothache, broken tooth or a dental abscess can be painful and we know that you don’t want to suffer any longer than you have to. This is why we provide you with treatment as soon as possible. If you have any kind of dental emergency in Forest Hills and you want to take care of your problem quickly, then don’t hesitate to give us a call. The sooner you call us the sooner you can receive treatment.

Types Of Conditions That Are Treated

We have extensive experience practicing dentistry and this means he can help people who need help with all types of dental issues, which includes pain management and repairing broken teeth. We can also perform tooth extractions, treat dental abscess and perform root canals. Other things he can do include X-rays, crowns, bonding and clear fillings, as well as denture realigns and repairs.

The Cost Of Dental Emergency Care In Forest Hills, Queens

The cost of dental emergency care depends on the severity of your emergency and the treatment you require. Until you have actually come in and have been examined, there is noway to tell you how much it will cost. We must exam you and take an X-ray, and then we can go over what your treatment will entail and what your options are. By the time you’re finished talking with us, you’ll be well-formed and can make a decision.

How About Dental Insurance?

Do you have dental insurance? If so, the chances are it will cover your treatment. However, whether nor not treatment is covered all depends on your coverage. If you are not covered by your dental insurance policy, then you can use cash or credit to pay.

When you contact the office, you want to provide information such as the severity of pain associated with your dental emergency and when did you start experiencing this emergency. You’ll also want to provide info such as whether or not wisdom teeth or molars are involved with the emergency and whether or not you have missing teeth and things of that nature. The more info you can provide, the better.

We know how frustrating and painful a dental problem can be and you may not want to wait until your regular dentist is open. Plus, it’s a good idea to treat dental emergencies as soon as possible because even the smallest issues can turn into bigger ones. With that said, contact us today and get relief from any dental pain you are feeling or find out exactly what is causing you to be in pain.

If a dental emergency arises and you’re in the Forest Hills area, then call us because we’re here to help and we are available any time of the day, night and weekends.