Call For 24 Hour, Same Day Dental Services
Available for Residents in Astoria

If you need help when it comes to either general or emergency dental care in Queens, you can count on us. We take great pride in offering help for patients at all times throughout the day to meet their needs. This means that if you need care after hours and in the evening, you can get the professional, quality dental services that you need, even if the offices are normally closed at that time.

Many dentists will avoid seeing new patients if there is an emergency. However, we consider the idea of helping people with a dental emergency as a great opportunity to offer critical services when they need them in and around the Astoria, Queens area. This is where you can call him using the listed phone number at any time, 24 hours a day and have the utmost confidence that you will be speaking with a live dentist instead of having to talk to an answering service.


Emergency After Hours Dental Care In Astoria, NY

We know just how painful a toothache, broken tooth with exposed nerves or a dental abscess can be. We also know how socially embarrassing it may be if you break or lose a tooth, crown or denture. We never want you to suffer and will do all that w can to make sure that you have the dental treatment that you need in a timely fashion. When you have a dental emergency in or around the Astoria Queens area, you need treatment without waiting. Call us right away.

What Urgent Dental Issues Can Astoria Residents Get Treatment For ?

We have been taking care of patients in the Astoria, Queens area for many years and has a good deal of experience with offering help to people who need all kinds of dental care, including:

  • Pain management
  • Repair of broken teeth
  • Tooth extractions
  • Root canals
  • Dental implants
  • Clear fillings/bonding
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • X-Rays of the teeth
  • Gentle cleaning
  • Denture realignment
  • Denture repairs
  • Infection/Dental abscess treatment
  • Bridge and crown work

What Does Dental Emergency Care Cost In Queens?

The cost of having a dental emergency treated will depend on what kind of treatment you may need. However, there is no way of knowing just what type of treatment you are going to need unless you get examined thoroughly and an x-ray has been taken. After an exam has been done, the dentist will know just what needs to be addressed and can go over all of the options and details with you so that you can formulate an informed decision as to your care and financial status.

What About Your Dental Insurance?

In a lot of situations, your dental insurance will be able to cover your treatment. However, it will all depend on the kind of coverage that you have. If you are not covered by dental insurance, payment by credit or cash is acceptable.

When you call the dental office for your emergency treatment, it will be helpful if you are able to offer the following information:

What is the nature of the issue or emergency?
When did the problem start?
Is there swelling involved?
Is there bleeding of any kind?
Does the emergency involve your molars or your wisdom teeth?
Are there any teeth that are missing?
Are there dental appliances involved, such as crowns, implants or dentures, that may be loose, missing or broken?
What is your pain level on a scale of 1 to 10?
Are you dealing with sensitivity to cold or hot?
Are there any medications that you are taking? Include pain killers or antibiotics.
Are you pregnant or nursing?

We are gentle, caring dentists who looks forward to being there to treat you in case of a dental emergency in Astoria. We will get you smiling again and free of pain.