24 Hour Emergency Dental Treatment in Jamaica, Queens, NY

Are you dealing with a painful dental emergency in Jamaica, Queens? Are you concerned that there won’t be a dentist available right now to help you?

Well, rest assured because you’ve found a dentist who is available when other dentists are not and who focuses on treating dental emergencies in Queens.

Our office is easily accessible to where you live in Jamaica.  And, we will take your call when most dentists are closed, like in the evening, on the weekend, or during a holiday.

After hours dental care is something we take pride in. In addition, we are aware how important it is to get dental treatment as soon as possible.

For example, if you have a broken tooth or a tooth that has been knocked out you only have a short period of time to save that tooth. Otherwise, if you wait too long to get to a dentist, you will lose the tooth and then have to replace it with a denture, a dental implant, or just live with the empty space where your tooth used to be.

After Hours Dental Care for Jamaica Residents

As mentioned above, getting dental treatment as soon as possible when you have a toothache or active dental infection (abscess) is critically important. That’s why having access to a dentist near Jamaica who is available after normal business hours is so valuable.

So, if you have a painful condition involving your teeth or gums, do not delay. Call immediately to make an appointment. We will conduct a thorough examination which includes taking an x-ray. We will assess the situation and then tell you what we believe is the best course of action to save your tooth, get you out of pain, reduce your swelling, stop the bleeding, etc.

And, if a tooth extraction is the chosen course of action then we will pull your tooth in the least painful way possible.

Call An Emergency Dentist in Jamaica, Queens, NY

We hope that this information has been helpful. And should you need emergency dental care in Jamaica, Queens we hope that you call right away to get your situation taken care of.