About Our Emergency Dental Services In Sunnyside, New York

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Sunnyside, NY

Do you need emergency dental care in Sunnyside? Instead of sitting there in pain, just call us now and we will help you.

There are many dentists that don’t see patients who have an emergency, if it occurs on the weekend or after hours. We are different because we tend to be available when other dentists are not. This is because we know there is a need for this service in the area.

After Hours Dental Care In Sunnyside

There’s nothing worse than having an abscess tooth or a broken tooth. We understand you might be self-conscious about your teeth, but there’s no reason to let this prevent you from getting the help you need. Let us take a look at your dental problem and we will provide you with fast service. The next time you have a dental emergency that needs to be taken care of, feel free to contact is.

What Dental Emergencies Do We Treat?

The chances are we can treat your dental emergency because we have dealt with many kinds of problems. This ranges from pain management to tooth extractions to repairing broken teeth and treating gum infections. We can perform root canals, repair dentures and fix broken bridge work. If you have an emergency that involves those or something else, then let us know and we’ll treat you.

Costs of Dental Care

The type of treatment we provide you with will determine how much you will pay, but other factors play a role too. However, we can’t tell you exactly how much you’ll pay over the phone or in an email because a dentist has to examine you. After you have been examined, we’ll recommend what treatment you should be given and how much it will cost you. Please do not ask us to give you a quote prior to you being examine.

Insurance Coverage For Dental Treatment

If you currently have insurance, then it may cover your treatment. Check the coverage you have and see if it covers our treatments. However, cash can be used, or credit, in the event you are not covered by your insurance.

We also need to know the nature of your emergency. We’ll ask you about your emergency when you call us and we’ll also ask how long you’ve been experiencing your problem for. We’ll ask if you’re gums are bleeding or swelling too, but if we don’t ask, make sure to tell us.

If you’re having a problem with wisdom teeth or an issue with your molars, be sure to let us know. The same goes if you’re missing teeth or if you currently wear dental appliances, such as implants, braces or dentures. This is important info that we need to know.

Also, how bad is the pain? You’ll want to let us know this too. Also, don’t forget to tell us if you take prescription medication or over-the-counter medications, as well as if you’re pregnant or nursing.

You will find that our dentists possess a lot of experience and provide friendly and timely care. We treat every single one of our patients with respect and care. Best of all, we operate around the clock, which is one of the reasons people in Sunnyside and the surrounding areas see us when they are dealing with an urgent dental situation, especially if it’s after hours or on the weekend. We are confident you will know you’ve made the right choice by coming to see us.